Alles in één, één in alles!


Sinds afgelopen week is het mogelijk om als Onderwijs instelling in Nederland gebruik te maken van het uiterst aantrekkelijke Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Een professionele manier om de aankoop en distributie van Apps en iBooks binnen uw school te organiseren.

Enkele VPP speerpunten:

  • Maar liefst 50% korting op Apps en iBooks (vanaf 20 stuks per App/iBook)
  • Apps en iBooks beschikbaar stellen voor docenten en leerlingen in binnen hun persoonlijke Apple ID
  • Zeer eenvoudige distributie middels Push technologie
  • Één school account op factuurbasis voor alle door de school te verstrekken Apps en iBooks
  • De content die u verstrekt als school is op basis van Licentie, deze licentie is op elk moment overdraagbaar aan bijvoorbeeld een nieuwe groep leerlingen

Bent u al op zoek om de iPads of Macs van leerlingen en/of docenten op een professionele manier te integreren op School?

Xando realiseert dit samen met u ! Xando informeert, ondersteund, begeleid en traint u en uw medewerkers in het gebruiken van het Volume Purchase Program.

Klik of druk hier voor meer vrijblijvende informatie!

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  3. I love to comment. (I guess when I don’t it’s because I’m in a rush)… but time allowing, I love to throw in my 2 cents with a comment. I found after a while I would notice some of the other commenters on other blogs I also read. Feels all warm & fuzzy to be part of a community. PS I often click on other peoples comments to find a little more out about them. I guess I’m inquisitive.

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  7. I love the idea of decorating with shutters but I am afraid that my execution will end up looking odd. Plus, I can’t find any that have any character around here. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you next week.

  8. Oh Pete…forgot on the Moscow James Bond thing…totally can imagine jumping from the plane with a snow board attached to the feet, parachuting down and landing on a mountain slope with gunmen chasing….don’t get any crazy ideas or anything…just that Bond is way too cool.joseph’s last blog post..

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  17. Tony, How realistic do you think Monmouth’s chances are of landing Sam Clark? It seems that Gaitley leaving hasn’t led to any sort of mass exodus, and that it really hasn’t had a huge effect on recruiting. But, from what I’ve gathered, Clark seems to be at a different level and would be a huge get for the program. Do you think Palmateer can get her? If not, do you think Gaitley would have?

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  24. Whitey, "As to your first point, I don't think the problem is being shocked when someone apparently civilized goes berserk, but in not extending that civilized presumption and therefore experiencing shock when berzerkers are black or brown. It's just the sort of assumption that results in a majority of crimes being perpetrated by whites yet the majority of prosecutions and sentences being endured by minorities."You are so right, but you can't tell a closed mind like no_slappz that.

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