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  3. Whazzup aapp? I am sure that will be a nice show with Kevin. Tell him hi for me. “Maybe the members of Color of Change and other groups should join the NAACP and change it from the inside” kid, joining is one thing, having some input is quite another. These folks tend to be very protective of their power and influence.

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  5. While we’re waiting for the December scores to come out, do you think it’s best to submit apps and let the schools know to wait for the Dec scores, or to just wait and submit with the score in case there’s a need for an addendum? Thank you.

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  10. i think the MLS has a draft, if they are like other american sports. that means the pro teams get to select college seniors. each team chooses 1 player in the first round of the draft, another player in the second round, ect. the NFL draft is so big here it’s broadcast coast to coast every year on ESPN and gets huge TV ratings. obviously a soccer draft would not receive that kind of attention though.

  11. As a planner in Connecticut I wholeheartedly agree with the part about inadequate zoning regulations. It appears that many Town in our area have been slow to adapt their Regulations to the changing times which makes for inefficient uses of buildings and lots. You can;t create Regulations, not change them for 30 years and expect you to have a vibrant, diverse and successful housing area.

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  13. MMMMM! well, now that spring break has started I can get on some of these recipes I’ve had on my to-do list! I made these Friday; a double-batch for a party – boy did they disappear! I made them without the nuts; several friends and I don’t care for nuts in cookies. as just oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, they are WONDERFUL. I might have to go pick up some walnuts one of these days, though, just to try.

  14. Ed was my Scout leader, family friend and the one who instilled im the desire to become one of Wisconsin’s finest a Conservation Warden. He was my Supervisor when he was at Black River Falls and a good friend. I’m proud to have known him and served under him.My deepest and sincerest sympathy to Pauline, daughter and and the rest of the family.

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  20. , a friend had mentioned there’s a version of this without eggs & replaced with coconut milk but of course she has no measurements lol so I cannot just go by that. Would you happen to give me measurements for the ‘no eggs’ version? I’d greatly appreciate it, JZK!

  21. j’ai appris le résultat dans la voiture en Allemagne quelque part entre Paris et Francfort… dur…Autour de moi, mes covoitureurs étaient aussi décus que moi, d’ailleurs je ne connais personne ayant voté NON… qui sont-ils? Que veulent-ils?En arrivant je me jette sur TV5 Europe qui retransmettait la soirée de France 2… le débat était affligeant et à l’image de la campagne… il s’agissait plus de politique intérieur que de politique internationale, ce sur quoi, et beaucoup semblent l’oublier, le referendum portait!

  22. Thank God I have never had to face this issue (yet) – but my own bias is to not to go gently into that good night – I would hope I would rage, rage against the sabotaging infliction with a kamakaze attitude of kill it or, literally, be killed. This flies in the face of accepting that which we cannot control, and yet again, few roses will be sniffed, but I have those who raged and those who caved – raging seems to sustain, even unto failure, better than letting go…but what do I know?

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  24. Thanks for the info on the Spot. Maybe we can share some roads thru MD – of course, I have no idea of when I’ll be there, except it will be sometime after I leave California. what is a ferrous hippous?

  25. · That’s why you are a writer – you are a good observer Tracey! Today I have noticed that my mood changes in direct relation to the music I am playing and that some music is just way too sentimental – haha. On the weekend down near a lake/swampy area I noticed the strangest little bird – a bit like a roadrunner – going so fast it looked like it was walking on water (have no idea what it was).

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  27. , I feel that I have every right to hold the candidates to a higher standard than simply, “well, he/she is better than the other guy,,,” as if that is enough. I don’t like how Obama handled the fall-out from the Rev. Wright scandal and that gave me pause but I still resent the implication that supporting a certain candidate is somehow setting women’s rights back decades.

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  36. I think one place we should really and aim our darts at is NZQA. They are the institute who can legitimise anything. If you present course work, quaility systems, level standards, (alleged) need, then you will get NZQA approval for your course. Then the organisation who has “passed” can legitimately say “Approved by NZQA” anywhere they like and be called NZQA Providers.Check out the pages of courses that have been accepted. eg Homeopathy, astrology, colour therapy are examples.

  37. The LSO reads everything I write. I say I'm training him up to be my PA. He doesn't always like what I write but he can spot a mistake a mile away, is a great proof reader,and critic, and is currently transcribing my notes from tape recorder onto computer. After reading these comments I'm going to have to tell him what a Treasure he is. I'll let you know if it goes to his head.

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  51. Kim – No worries that you don’t know about GFC! It “WAS” Google Friend Connect until Google decided to stop letting non-blogger blogs use it. And since I was just copying and pasting the intro for this meme I totally didn’t realize that was still there! I just changed it to following us on FaceBook Thanks for pointing it out!

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  71. Thank you Kim! I love how uplifting your answer is! I completely understand what you said. It’s about noticing everything around us, and stepping “outside” ourselves-so many happy surprises come when we do this. : )

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  76. Thank you Caroline, for watching and adding your voice! I love that you journal each morning, that is self-caring! And good for you for adding a walk/yoga in- keep it up, you can do it! Thanks so much for saying hello! -jena

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  197. Hi Rara, sorry for any confusion, I wasn’t suggesting that self harming is always a symptom of BPD – but saying that a lot of people who suffer BPD do do a lot of self harming at various stages of their illness… the unique and most challenging things about all mental illnesses is that they are individual as the people who live with them… something I never lose sight of…

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